Vada Pav Girl Delhi Location, Address, Price

The video of Delhi’s famous vada pav seller is going viral one after the other. Recently, his reels are being made viral by many types of blogging and food bloggers. At present, it has become so viral that people from all over the country are standing in long queues in their carts, waiting for hours to buy Vada Pav. The woman selling the best Vada Pav in Delhi which gives the taste of Mumbai is becoming quite viral.

Plot No. 10, Road Number 42, Sainik Vihar, Pitampura, New Delhi, Delhi, 110034 

Vada Pav Girl Delhi Location

Recently, more than one video of her is being seen on social media platforms in which she is seen having fun and at some places she is seen telling her story. Questions are being raised on which of these stories is true and which is false. However, many people also say that she behaves like this just to gain sympathy. If you live in Delhi or want to taste Mumbai’s Vada Pav while staying in Delhi. So welcome to the famous Vada Pav seller not in Mumbai but in Delhi. Where you will get Delhi’s most famous Bada Pav. We have given below the address of the recently famous Vada Pav seller, with the help of which you can easily go to the Vada Pav vendor and enjoy Vada Pav. 

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If you liked this post then share it with more people and read this post completely so that you can get complete information before going there.This woman does this work with her husband. It has been seen in some videos that after going viral, a long line of people is forming at the cart. There are even long queues, many people are waiting for hours to eat Vada Pav and the name of this woman is Chandrika Gera Dixit. Plot No. 10, Road Number 42, Sainik Vihar, Pitampura, New Delhi, Delhi, 110034 

Vada Pav Girl Delhi 

This woman does this work with her husband and it is said that she has been running this business for many months. She says that she does this work to support her family including her son. Earlier she used to work in Haldiram’s but due to the lockdown, she faced some problems and she gradually decided to start working after various types of jobs. Due to which he had to leave his job and his son’s health was not keeping well. 

Vada Pav Girl Delhi Location
Vada Pav Girl Delhi Location


 Vada Pav Girl Delhi Address 

Due to which both husband and wife had to leave their jobs and set up a stall and she says that cooking was her hobby and she converted this shop into a business. Now this promise of Pave Castrol has become quite famous. Even separated in the control line, people are eagerly waiting and standing in line to eat Vada Pav. He says that most of the people in Delhi make and serve Tikki Chaat in the name of Vada Pav and that Tikki is served wrapped in bread only. They also say that the pure Vada Pav made by them will not be found anywhere in Delhi because it is made in Mumbai style.

Famous Vada Pav in Delhi 

Their style of making Vada Pav is different and is famous for making Vada Pav in Mumbai style. Chandrika also sings that she is actually a resident of Indore, Madhya Pradesh and is giving the taste of Mumbai to the people of Delhi. More than one video of the honeymoon is going viral in which he is seen giving different types of messages.

Vada Pav Price in Delhi

Another video of her has gone viral in Ali, in which her video Vijay has been going viral for a few days and in one of the videos, Maro is seen there and says that an attempt is being made to remove her stall. Even in one video she is seen fighting and in the other video she is seen quite angry. She says that an attempt is being made to remove her stall and while in another video she gets troubled by the crowd of people, so many people come there to buy feet that the road gets jammed. 

Pav Girl Delhi Address 

She herself sings that people are standing in line for hours to buy her Vada Pav. Some people on social media also say that the entire road gets jammed because of her and also say that a man would have taken her place. So there is not such a long line of people at the cart. It is important for you to know how much truth is there and how much lies lie in these things and if you are going to Delhi then do not forget to eat Vada Pav from these Vada Pav stores.

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