Banking 12th Bipartite Settlement : Update, History, PDF Download

The discussion is going on regarding the wages raise for the bank employees. The Indian Banks Association which represents a Banking 12th Bipartite Settlement and authorised representative of the labour union and also the officer Association. The reason behind the settlement is the strong banking system which is currently facing difficulties. We have given the … Read more

SUSI Payment Dates 2024, Eligibility Requirements for SUSI 2024

First of all, you people should know here what the SUSI grant program is. So, in this context, let us make it clear to you that Brazil provides an important opportunity for student leaders from Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile to participate in American institutions. This year, 2024, the main objective of this programme will be … Read more

CPP Payment Date 2024, Significance, Types, Schedule

The CPP or Canada Pension Plan is the social insurance program in Canada that provides social assistance for those who are not eligible to collect their livelihood for the individuals in their retirement. The program is started by the government of Canada. The CPP is designed to replace part of a person’s income upon retirement, … Read more

IRS Refund Schedule 2024, Check my refund status

Under the IRS Refund Schedule 2024, it has been received that the date for on-air and electronic filing by the IRS is January 29, 2024, whereas the due date is April 15, 2024. Which can later be extended until October 15, 2024, by file extension. However, the refund schedule for the year 2023 has not … Read more

World Economy Ranking 2024 – New List, Top 10 Country

When it comes to ranking in the world economy, the first name that comes to mind is that of the United States. Let us tell you that the total GDP of the United States, which is the world’s largest economy, has been estimated at 26854 billion dollars. You can visit the official website of the … Read more

Boat IPO Issue Date 2024, Price band, Lot size

Boat is one of the reputed electronic brands in India. This company is known for its marketing also electronic items audio focused smart wearables accessories. In the security exchange board of India with DRHP The IPO in financial year 25-26. The company has appealed its draft red herring prospectus with the market regulator Sebi. It … Read more