IRS Refund Schedule 2024, Check my refund status

Under the IRS Refund Schedule 2024, it has been received that the date for on-air and electronic filing by the IRS is January 29, 2024, whereas the due date is April 15, 2024. Which can later be extended until October 15, 2024, by file extension. However, the refund schedule for the year 2023 has not yet been released by the internal service. You can get detailed and open information in this regard through the official website of the IRS.

IRS Refund Schedule 2024

It is being said that January 29, 2024, has been proposed for filing electronic and on-paper returns. On the other hand, it has been clarified by the IRS that if you want to get your electronic refund, it may take you at least 21 days, i.e 3 weeks.

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Keeping in mind the IRS Refund Schedule 2024, a programme has been prepared; we have given you information about it in this article below, and clear action has been taken. Let us tell you once again that the window for filing refunds for tax year 2024 is proposed to be activated on January 29, 2024.

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IRS Refund Schedule 2024 in Hindi

Topic IRS Refund Schedule 2024
IRS On paper or electronic filing date 29 January 2024
Refund Submission three steps
  • Accepted
  • Approved
  • Sent
Year 2024
IRS e filing refund maxx taken time 21 days
IRS on air and electronic filing fix date 15 April 2024 and extended to 15 October 2024


IRS Refund Schedule 2024
IRS Refund Schedule 2024

IRS Refund Schedule 2024 January

You should be aware that if you file your refund on January 29, 2024, then after filing your refund, you have to go through three stages, where the first is “accepted,” the second is “approved,” and the third is “sent.” This is because the fastest way to get the refund is through e-filing because through this, you can get the refund in approximately 21 days.

Under the IRS Refund Schedule 2024 January, the person who files the refund for tax year 2023 on January 29, 2024, will take 6 days for it to be approved, and it will be accepted on the same day. Under the IRS Refund Schedule 2024, if you choose direct deposit to file your refund, then in this case you will receive the refund by February 3, 2024.

IRS Direct Deposit Refund Schedule 2024

The first thing that we should make clear to you is that you can start filing on January 22, 2024. Talking about the methods of refund under IRS Direct Deposit Refund Schedule 2024, let us tell you that direct deposit is a faster method and paper check is a slower method.

We find electronic filing to be the fastest way to receive a refund with a direct deposit. It gets processed mainly within 21 days. Or you can check the status of your IRS refund after 24 hours of electronic filing or 4 weeks after paper filing.

How do I Track my Tax Refund

If you want to monitor your tax refund in the fastest way possible, then you have to choose the fastest and best option, “Where is my refund?” Here you also get the facility to know the reasons for which your return has been rejected.

In the context of IRS Refund Schedule 2024, let us tell you that a tracker tool is also provided by the IRS, using which you are also given a social security number through which you can check the status of your filing.

First, you have to go to the IRS website and go to the “Get Refund Status” page. And you will have to enter your personal data and finally click on the submit button.

How to Check the IRS Tax Refund Filing Status

You can use the guide below to check the filing status after filing your refund for tax year 2023.

  1. First of all, you will go to the official website of the IRS. After reaching the homepage of the website, you will have to click on “Where is my refund?”
  2. After this, you will get the option “Check Your Refund.” You will have to click on this option, and in this way, you will be navigated to another page.
  3. Under IRS Refund Schedule 2024, you will have to go here and select “Tax Year 2023.”
  4. After this, you will need to enter your SSN, and you will also deposit your refund amount by choosing the option of filing status and finally clicking on the submit option.

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