Lok Sabha Election Exit Polls 2024 : Schedule, phase, seats, lok sabha polls

The mood of the nation polls will give some of the information and the target of the workers for the 2024 election. Just a few months left for the world’s largest electoral exercise. Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s goal is to achieve more than 400 seats. The India Block left aside their differences to put up a fight in the Lok Sabha election in 2024. From Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari or Tamil Nadu from Gujarat to Assam, The exit poll has been taken as per the analysis of the national opinion. To know all about Lok Sabha Election Exit Polls 2024 stay with us in this post at last.

Lok Sabha Election Exit Polls 2024

Just a few months left for the world’s largest electoral exercise. The voters are interested to know about the winner and the exit poll of the 2024 Lok Sabha election. The question here is that where is the mood of the nation? Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of the NDA crossing the seeds of 400 mark be fulfilled for the opposition India block leave aside their differences to win.

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The Lok Sabha election opinion poll survey by mood of the nation, one of India’s leading opinion polls that have been given an accurate portrayal of the voters has been taken out. The opinion poll has said that given the accurate portrayal of the workers, your point of view on most of the pressing topics of the day will be heard in February 2024.

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Lok Sabha Election Exit Polls 2024
Lok Sabha Election Exit Polls 2024

Lok Sabha Election Exit Polls 2024 Overview

Lok Sabha Election Polls Mood of Nation

The coverage started with the north India that is from Delhi where the BJP put up a dominant show in the Lok Sabha election but lost to AAP in a subsequent assembly election. From the start, the mood of the nation survey conducted in north India is states like Himachal Pradesh, Punjab Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir. As per these borders in East India and the north India, think of the understanding of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is in power for the third consecutive term.

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Opinion Poll

As per the sum of the opinion polls in the states like up Bihar West Bengal Jharkhand and Assam the mood of the nation survey will then moguls out to the gods the opinion of workers on the topic like Ram Mandir women’s Reservation Bill, cast sensus and one of the most popular idea is one nation one poll. The most opinion poll which served a unanimous decision. The survey result in the Hindi heartland states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand will also say the same and most of the states like Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat have a different opinion.

Lok Sabha Election Dates 2024

The survey will throw light on what voters’ fields were the biggest drawbacks of Prime Minister Narendra Modi government among the inflation border conflict with China and the communal violence and also the unemployment rate. Pramod all of them but under inauguration will also influence the Lok Sabha election 2024 and that should be given credit for the construction of the Ram Mandir Temple. All these views of the country on several other burning questions will be taken on the coverage of the opinion poll.

Lok Sabha Election Exit Polls 2024 Winning

The Bharatiya Janata party BJP is expected to win the Lok Sabha election 2024 as per the exit poll. The Prime Minister has a target of 370 seats for the BJP and over 400 seats for national Democratic alliance and the opposition has come together on a joint platform to hold the Modi juggernaut.

Lok Sabha Election Exit Polls 2024 Alliance

1019 the Lok Sabha election was held and the national Democratic alliance won 351 seats in which the BJP secured 303 seats alone. The Congress was decimated, managing only 52 seats in this election and the overall result was not in much favour of the opposition. The election win will make the current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi rule again for the next five years as per the expectations. According to the reports and some of the opinion polls, there is some sort of confirmation regarding the national Democratic alliance.

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Voting Criteria

The voting criteria is universal adult franchise. United progressive Alliance led by Congress will be sending what is the second position in the upcoming Lok Sabha election as per the unofficial report.

Lok Sabha Election 2024

The Lok Sabha election will be held for a total number of 543 seats for the popular house. The Lok Sabha election wars may favour the UPA in some states like Bengal. During the election procedure and The election campaign there will be a tougher fight between the two major parties in the country. So this is all about Lok Sabha Election Exit Polls 2024. If you like this post then do share with others.

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