Ekadashi in April 2024, (Papamochani Ekadashi), Date, Time, Rituals, Significance

If you want to get rid of the troubles and sins arising in your life, then you can get this auspicious result by fasting on Ekadashi of Paap Mochani. Yes, friends, we are talking about Ekadashi in April 2024. This is one such Ekadashi that gives you a lot of benefits and virtues. Although the total of 24 ekadashi coming in a year has its own importance, the ekadashi of Krishna Paksha in Chaitra month has its own different significance. Let us get information about when this year Paap Mochani Ekadashi is going to be. 

Ekadashi in April 2024 

It is worth noting that this year, in the month of April, Ekadashi Tithi will start on April 4, 2024, at 4:16 p.m. and end on April 5, 2024, at 1:28 p.m. Ekadashi in April 2024 According to the information, if we look at the Udaya date, it is clear that this Papamochani Ekadashi is going to be on April 5, 2024. 

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As it is clear from its name, by doing this circle, creatures get liberation from all kinds of sins. And with the grace of Lord Vishnu, that creature gets success at every turn of life. So friends, come, let us clarify in detail about Ekadashi in April 2024.

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Papmochani Ekadashi ka Vrat kab Rakha Jayega 2024 Overview 

Ekadashi name Papmochani Ekadashi 
Date 05 April 2024
Ekadashi Tithi starts  04 April 2024 at 04:16 pm 
Ekadashi Tithi’s end date 05 April 2024 at 01:00 pm 
Month  Chaitra, April 
Total ekadashi in a year  24
Paran time  06 April 2024 06:14 am to 08:44 am 


Papmochani Ekadashi Date 

It is mentioned in the scriptures that Ekadashi Tithi is very dear to Lord Vishnu. If you observe Ekadashi fast with a calm and pure mind, then you get freedom from all kinds of sins. It is mentioned that on this day, Ekadashi in April 2024, which we call Papamochani Ekadashi, by worshiping Lord Vishnu according to the rituals, one gets immense happiness and all kinds of sins are eradicated. 

To get all the information you are thinking of getting about Papmochani Ekadashi Date Vrat Puja Vidhi Shubh Muhurat Parana Samagri and Puja Samagri List, you will have to come till the end of this article. 


Ekadashi in April
Ekadashi in April


Papmochani Ekadashi 2024 

According to the information received from the Panchang, the auspicious time of worship for Papmochani Ekadashi 2024 will be from 6:06 a.m. to 10:49 a.m. You can offer your prayers at this auspicious time. If, for some reason, you are unable to offer prayers at this auspicious time, then you can do your prayers from 11:59 a.m. to 12:49 p.m. 

Papmochani Ekadashi 2024 is considered to have special significance and fruitfulness in Hinduism. It is said that whoever worships Lord Shri Hari Vishnu on this day gets happiness, prosperity, and well-being in life and attains Baikunth Dham in the end. That is, one attains salvation after death.

Ekadashi Date List in 2024

All the dates in Hinduism are special in their own way. The ekadashi of every month has its own significance. You must be aware that there are two Ekadashi dates in every month. In this way, there are 24 ekadashi every year. Information regarding the Ekadashi Date List in 2024 has been made available to you below. 

Let us tell you that every Ekadashi in a year is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Ekadashi in April 2024 also has its own special significance. Based on the month and date, each ekadashi has its own significance. In such a situation, let us get detailed information regarding the Ekadashi Date List in 2024.

Month Krishan Paksha ekadashi name and date Shukla Paksha ekadashi name and date
Paush Safla ekadashi 07 January 2024 Putrada ekadashi 21 January 2024
Magh Shattila ekadashi 06 Feb 2024 Jaya ekadashi 20 Feb 2024
Falgun Vijaya Ekadashi 06 march 2024 Aamlaki ekadashi 20 March 2024
Chaitra Papmochani Ekadashi 05 April 2024 Kamda ekadashi 19 April 2024
Baishakh Baruthani ekadashi 04 may 2024 Mohini ekadashi 19 may 2024
Jyestha  Apra ekadashi 02 June 2024 Nirjla ekadashi 18 June 2024
Aashan Yogini ekadashi 02 July 2024 Devshayani ekadashi 17 July 2024
Sawan Kamika ekadashi 31 july 2024 Putrada ekadashi 16 August 2024
Bhadrapada  Aja ekadashi 29 August 2024 Parivartni ekadashi 14 September 2024
Ashwin Indira ekadashi 28 Sep 2024 Papankusha ekadashi 13 Oct 2024
Karthik  Rma ekadashi 28 Oct 2024 Devuthani ekadashi 12 November 2024
Margshirsha Utpannaa ekadashi 26 Nov 2024 Mokshada ekadashi 11 Dec 2024


Ekadashi Tithi Date and Time in 2024

Papmochani Ekadashi Date  Ekadashi Tithi starts Muhurta  Ekadashi Tithi ends on  Paran time Ekadashi Puja samagri list
05 April 2024, Friday 04 April 2024 04:14 pm  On 05 April 2024, 01:28 pm  06 April 2024 06:14 am to 08:44 am  विष्णु भगवान का चित्र, पुष्प नारियल लॉन्ग ग्रुप सुपारी फल पंचामृत घी दीपक अक्षत चंदन मिष्ठान तुलसी


Ekadashi 2024 Puja Vidhi

  • First of all, you have to get up in Brahma Muhurta and finish your bath, etc. 
  • After this, light a lamp in the temple inside the house, anoint Lord Vishnu with Gangajal, and offer flowers and Tulsi leaves. 
  • According to Ekadashi 2024 Puja Vidhi, if you can, then keep a fast on this day. 
  • After this, you should now perform the Aarti of the Lord. 
  • Along with the Aarti, you should also offer Bhog to the Lord. 
  • Keep in mind that you have to offer only satisfactory things to God. Not Tamasik. 
  • But here you must keep one thing in mind: on Ekadashi in April 2024, you must include Tulsi leaves in the Bhog of Lord Vishnu because without Tulsi leaves, Lord Vishnu does not accept the Bhog. 
  • Under Ekadashi 2024 Puja Vidhi, you have to keep the attention of God as much as possible. 

Ekadashi Vrat Puja Samagri List

  • Picture or idol of Lord Vishnu, 
  • betel nut, 
  • coconut, 
  • flower, 
  • incense, 
  • clove, 
  • fruit, 
  • sandalwood, 
  • Tulsi, 
  • Panchamrit, 
  • Akshat, 
  • incense, 
  • ghee, 
  • lamp, 
  • sandalwood, 
  • sweets, 
  • betel nut, etc.

Ekadashi Tithi in 2024

  • Narayana Vidmahe. Vasudevay Dheemahi. Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat. Om Bhurida is full of brown body, and her mother is full of brown color.  Bhuri Ghedindra Ditassi. Om Bhurida Tyasi Shruti: The brave man is the one who kills Vritra. Come and worship Radha.
  • Om Hreem Kartavirya Arjuno is the king with a thousand arms. Just by remembering this, the heart gets destroyed.

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